Anti-gravity Treadmill Helps Patients Rehab

Anti-gravity Treadmill Helps Patients Rehab

The Detroit Tigers announced in mid-February that one of their star hitters, Miguel Cabrera, would be returning to action from an ankle injury. A device that will be used to expedite his recovery is an anti-gravity treadmill purchased from the NFL combine.

A treadmill that makes you lighter

Anti-Gravity TreadmillThe team is hoping that Cabrera, now in the last phase of his physical rehabilitation following surgery, will gradually transition back to full use by running softly on an Alter G treadmill. The machine will allow him to begin cardiovascular conditioning without having to support the typical amount of weight. The Tigers checked into the possibility of purchasing a secondhand device and were able to locate one at the NFL training facility, Tigers’ CEO Dave Dombrowski told Jayson Stark of ESPN.

The treadmill is set to arrive in Detroit during the last week of February. The team surgeon operated on Cabrera’s left leg in October to:

  • pull out osseous chips and spurs from his ankle
  • repair a broken navicular bone in his foot.

Detroit athletic training director Kevin Rand explained that Cabrera had been approved by the team’s medical staff to begin running in a scenario that reduces body weight.

Prior to development of the Alter G treadmill, doctors would recommend that a player with a sports injury similar to Cabrera’s use an underwater treadmill for physical rehabilitation. However, the Alter G, invented by NASA engineers to approximate the experience of outer space during astronaut preparation, has proven itself to be a superior device. The anti-gravity treadmill, unlike an underwater treadmill, allows trainers to precisely specify the amount of weight that a runner will support during a session.

Reducing your weight with anti-gravity was invented

As you stand on the treadmill and prepare to use it, Sarah Fect of Mental Floss reports, the device checks your weight. In turn, you indicate the amount of weight you would like your body to experience. “The machine uses ‘unweighting technology’ to make you feel up to 80 percent lighter,” Fecht explains, “so if you weigh 100 pounds, you could feel as light as 20 pounds on the treadmill.”

NASA mentions on his website that the machine is being used by recovering servicemen aphysical-therapy-for-joint-pain-300x225nd servicewomen at military medical centers, as well as for athletic training at the college and professional levels.

Recovering from a sports injury 

Do you think the anti-gravity treadmill might help you get back into the game? Our Alter G is just one of an array of unique nonsurgical approaches that we deliver through custom-tailored treatment plans. Get your free consultation today!


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